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_wizu's media dump
Recent Entries 
7th-Jun-2007 10:30 pm - Code Geass @ iconfiend100

Artist: _wizu@vainglorei
Series: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Theme set: Gamma
# Completed: 10/100
Credits: profile @ vainglorei
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24th-Mar-2007 06:39 pm - Tutorial #03
Done as a request for m1ch1ru Hope it's not too jumbled around xD;

And I apolgize for any photoshop veterns reading this, I try to make my tutorials as newbie friendly as possible, so it is a little wordy =/

Going from this:
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Other icons using this method:
23rd-Mar-2007 09:57 pm(no subject)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle x04
Legal Drug x05 (btw, really old icons >_>;)
X/1999 x12
Air Gear x05
DOGS x05
Kyou Kara Maou! x03
Code Geass x05
Misc (Trinity Blood, xxxHolic, Gundam SEED, Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, RG Veda, Death Note, Love Hina, La Corda d'Oro, Amatsuki) x15
Total: 54

(Don't forget to comment and credit <3)


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3rd-Feb-2007 12:48 pm - Tutorial #2
This tutorial is being done as a request. Unfortunetly I didn't have the original .psd file, but this should still produce virtually the same thing. Made with Photoshop 07.
We're going from this:
to this
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Other icons made using this method:
27th-Dec-2006 02:51 pm - Tutorial #1
Tutorial using Photoshop 7. It's my first tutorial, so I hope it's not too hard to follow. Unfortunetly, I didn't have the .psd file for the original icon that this was requested for, so this will be slighty tweaked. We'll be going from this:
to this:

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24th-Dec-2006 03:05 pm - Tokyo Babylon @ sentient_icons

Series: Tokyo Babylon
Completion: 10/25
Warning: possible spoiler
Resources: here

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Please credit and comment if taking.
27th-Nov-2006 07:11 pm - Icon Total: 109
Final Fantasy x23
Kingdom Hearts x06
Nintendo x06
Gundam SEED/Destiny x03
D.Gray-man x09
Air Gear x13
Prince of Tennis x04
Trinity Blood x05
X/1999 x19 (spoiler)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle x03
Tokyo Babylon x05
DOGS x07
Miscellaneous (Xenosaga, Resident Evil 4, xxxHolic, Peacemaker Kurogane) x06
Total: 109

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Don't forget to comment and credit if taking!
9th-Jul-2006 11:58 pm - Icontest Awards
This will be my offical icontest awards entry. Nothing really new here. It's basically just old icons and banners even though I've lost about 90% of my banners and haven't gotton my butt over to custom_banners to have some made =/

Icontest Awards
Last Update: August 17, 2007

First: 46
Second: 24
Third: 20
Mod's Choice/Special Category: 27
Total: 117

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2nd-Jun-2006 01:50 am - Battle Royale @ icons100
10 more icons (26/100 total) for my Battle Royale challenge at icons100

(fake cut)
29th-May-2006 03:04 pm - Battle Royale @ icons100

Battle Royale (general) @ icons100
Completed: 26/100
Date started: May 29, 2006
Latest update: June 3, 2006
Themes: Alone, All is Right, All is Wrong, Smile, Love, Full of Regret, Why, Companionship, Tears, Sunshine, Snarky, Misery, Desire, 13 Artist's Choice
Notes: New icons in bold

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